Are you in the 60-80% Club? Hopefully Not

What do we mean by underperformance? The average investor’s returns are documented to be 60-80% of the returns an investor can achieve in passive index mutual funds/ETFs. Even invested in index funds, investors can underperform by re-allocating at the wrong time to chase asset class performance. Investors need to know their performance and their alpha in order to make sure they aren’t consistently in the 60-80% club and, thereby, leaving massive dollars on the table. But 99% of them don’t know.

NextCapital Launches Portfolio Dashboard For MarketWatch

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new portfolio dashboard for MarketWatch.

This new portfolio dashboard is available to all eight million monthly MarketWatch readers as a central place to organize, analyze, and manage their entire portfolio, with the added benefit of personalized news and commentary from across Dow Jones news services.

NextCapital: A New Leader In The Digital Advice Market

Chicago, IL- Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of NextCapital Group, Inc. (NextCapital), a next-generation digital advice service delivering personal, world-class, and affordable advice and portfolio management to all households.

NextCapital is the result of the recent combination of Business Logic Corporation and the NextCapital Group. The team has devoted more than ten years building out its industry-leading “open engine” advice, account aggregation and Defined Contribution (DC) managed account platform. NextCapital currently services over 50,000 clients and analyzes more than $22 billion in investor assets every day.

The Summer of +1% - The Impact on Bond Mutual Funds/ETFs

Yesterday there was widespread commentary from leading financial media sites about the 10 year Treasury Note hitting the 3% yield mark. The yield was 2% on 5/22/2013. Here is a quick analysis of how the major bond mutual funds and ETFs have performed relative to the 1% rise — from 2% on 5/22/2013 to 3% on 9/5/2013 using one of our sharable portfolios.

Step Right Up....

It’s the time of the year when the carnival comes to town. Financial carnies are peddling their strategies, hoping to entice you into playing. Will you go home with the giant stuffed panda or the bogus prize? Here are three opportunities to play that caught our eye and LikeAssets makes it easy to follow and see how the games end.